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ISE Tool Tips are an important aid in learning, using and mastering ISE products. They are written by our seasoned staff of engineers and tech support people who know the software from the ground up and have used it daily for years. 

Tool Tips are categorized for easy reference.

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151: Is there a quick way for setting up a JukeBox and a "Cycle" mode Backup job?
150: How do I increase backup media capacity with COMPACTION?
149: How do I configure a logical media type that manages a pool of tapes, but the list of tape devices that can be used with the pool of tapes varies from node to node?
148: How do I use the same pool of backup tapes for all of my backup jobs and the same set of tape devices for all of my backup jobs? I want specific backups to only use a subset of my available devices while other backup jobs can use any available tape device
147: Did you know that EnterpriseBACKUP has 26 different standard backup modes?
146: How do I set up a jukebox with two drives and an unlimited number of slots?
145: Can EnterpriseBACKUP backup complex databases such as Oracle's RDB with ease?
144: Want easier access to the directory structure on ISE FTP site?
143: Are you having “PAK License Validation Failure" Problems?
142: How do I clean out the VAULT database?
141: How does EnterpriseBackup fit into my company's individual structure and corporate model?
140: A backup job using compaction fails in VMS 7.2-1, how can you fix this?
139: Does Media work with Multinet?
138: How difficult is installing Media?
137: Can you share the database across machines and/or clusters?
136: Do you need separate database support like Oracle or Sybase?
135: Can I have my backup request the required tape(s) before quitting time, and then begin the backup later that evening?
134: Can I automate when my backups run?
133: Does Media support an Archive facility?
132: Does Media support offsite media?
131: Can I maintain reports on my offsite tapes, available tapes and tapes assigned to backup jobs?
130: Is there a limited tryout period for the demo?
129: Can I backup UNIX nodes?
128: Can I backup Windows NT nodes?
127: Can I backup remote OpenVMS devices?
126: Can I use stackers or jukebox devices in Media and to run backups?
125: Is it easy to set up incremental, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly backups for the same disk drives?
124: How do I assign tapes to a particular backup job?
123: How do I add or configure a device into the Media database?
122: How do I add tapes to Media?
121: The Media MOTIF GUI is not displaying correctly. Is there a fix?
120: Will my device(s) work with Media?
119: How do I create a SCRATCH template in EnterpriseBACKUP?
118: How does EnterpriseBACKUP know which tapes to use in my tape library and how can I control the usage of tapes
117: How do I postpone Vault restore requests to a designated time?
116: Is there a way to simplify adding new media into the system?
115: How do I assign an alias name to removeable media for easier identification?
114: Does Storage Works work with Media?
113: How do users respond to requests for SCRATCH media?
112: When restoring a deleted file, how can I determine when it was last modified, and if the tapes are available onsite or offsite?
111: How do I set my backup job settings to share the same volume continuously?
110: How easy is it to create a backup job?
109: How can I use removable disks with my backups?
108: How do I insert standard DCL commands into my backup jobs?
107: How do I reset my backups to use the correct tapes?
106: How do you add and modify a group of tapes (media) with one command?
105: Can you run EnterpriseBACKUP concurrently on different machines with different OpenVMS versions?
104: How do I use EnterpriseSCHEDULE with my backup jobs?
103: How do I add startup shortcuts for ISE applications?
102: How do I back up a remote NFS UNIX server?
101: How do I distribute my VAULT database onto multiple disks?
100: How do I manage optical jukeboxes in MEDIA?